Cheap taxi transfers to Luton Airport

Luton Airport is another frequent pickup spot for our customers. The site is situated over a mile outside of the town centre of Luton in Bedfordshire and roughly 30 miles north of the centre of the City of London. As one of the most frequently used airports in the country, Luton becomes a crucial location to make the most out of our endeavour to create the most comprehensive transfer service possible for our customers. For this reason, no matter where you need to be, or where you are, London Airport Transfer can make Luton airport transfers a possibility for you. 4 years ago, in 2008, it was reported that a total of 10 million passengers actually moved through the building within one year – this statistic qualifies it as the 5th busiest airport in the United Kingdom today.

A lot of the customers that are looking for Luton airport transfers are travelling or have travelled within Europe. This is because an extremely high percentage of all routes in and out of the airport happen to be European – made use of by a total of 10 passenger airlines, the most highly utilized being EasyJet. As it stands, while there is talk of expansion and the creation of a new runway and terminal, Luton currently boasts one runway stretching just over 2000 metres. The layout of the terminal and the passenger facilities are rather unique and make our private taxi services a lot easier. Ground-side access to the one and only terminal is right beside a road, which leads to a bus station, a drop-off point, a taxi rank and a car park on the runway side of the terminal.

Our taxis make use of the short-stay car park which is situated right next to the terminal (and which our customers do not have to pay for). At the same time, the airport is conveniently situated beside M1, which goes straight to London, as well as a number of other major cities scattered across England – namely Leeds, before it connects to the M25. The convenient layout does well in complementing our high-quality standards and continuous efforts to provide our customers with the best and most satisfying services possible. All Luton airport transfers are carried out with ease and efficiency, while customers are provided with the best possible start, or end to their journey.